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All parts are Genuine Fiat or direct from the Original Equipment Manufacturer. These are the exact same parts we use in the workshop, so are well proven. There are loads of "How To" articles on the site, but if you buy the parts from us and you get stuck, we fit them day in and day out so will be able to give you some pointers if you get in contact via your email address or phone number that you ordered with.


   Alfa Romeo  Pulley. Part Number 55208280
Model/Variant: 500L: 1.6JTDm
Freemont: 2.0JTDm
Bravo: 1.9JTD, 1.9Mjet, 1.6JTDm, 2.0JTDm
Grande Punto: 1.9JTD, 1.6JTDm
Croma: 1.9JTD
Idea: 1.6JTDm
Stilo: 1.9Mjet
Multipla: 1.9JTD
Brand: Genuine Alfa Romeo
Description: Auxillary Pulley Auxillary driving pulley. From 15/01/2007 onwards (MOT 5344781 for Multipla)
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Part No: 55208280
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   Alfa Romeo  Pulley. Part Number 55261930
Model/Variant: 500X: 1.6 JTDM 120hp
500L: 1.6 JTDM 120hp, 1.6 JTDM 105hp
Freemont: 2.0JTDm
Bravo: 1.6JTDm, 2.0JTDm
linea: 1.6JTDm
Sedici: 2.0JTDm
Grande Punto: 1.9JTD
Croma: 1.9JTD, 1.9Mjet
Idea: 1.6JTDm
Stilo: 1.9Mjet
Brand: Genuine Alfa Romeo
Description: Bolt Bottom pulley bolt (M8x26).
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Part No: 55261930
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